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Diane Sumner

About Diane Sumner:

Professional Photographer and Artist
Diane graduated from Allegan High School. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Grand Rapids Kendall College of Art and Design.
Diane was raised in Allegan, Michigan. She began to take an interest in photography and art at an early age. After College Diane move to Florida for a graphic design job, after 8 years she returned with her family to Allegan, MI. Diane has 1 daughter, Tracy who is 22, 2 sons, Tommy Lee who is 19, and Travis who is 16. Her Husband, Tommy, is a master plumber. Currently living in the house her parents built, Harry and Lorraine Krotz on Wetmore Lake, She runs her home based business in her 2nd floor studio overlooking the lake. Diane Sumner Photography has been in business for 20 years, making a full circle from starting in her backroom in Florida, operating out of Storefronts for 9 years, finally moving back to home base. Diane mainly photographs Children, Families, H.S. Seniors, Business Portraits, Weddings, Sports, and Special Events.
Artist Statement: Art provides an outlet for my creativity, and allows me to express views of the human condition. I create Art because it becomes a passion, an expression of my individuality. Art is a way of life that can connect with everyone and everything.
My work is meant to touch us in some way; concentrating on inner turmoil and/or discovering truth. I create art to learn, to grow, to explore, to resolve, to reflect, to leave something behind, to pick up what I’ve found, to take a closer look, to manipulate, to distract, to focus, to pray.
My painting has evolved into a graphic abstract style. I start with a feeling, idea or a poem, make some sketches, choose my color pallet and go for it. I work with bright color in my painting but my fine art photography is black and white. This contradictory contrast between painting and photography settles my inner voice for expression.

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