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Brian Polmanteer

  • Stone House Furniture

About Brian Polmanteer:

I’m a diesel mechanic/millwright by trade, working as a merchant marine. Woodworking was a way to get away from the daily grind of being at sea for months at a time. When we got to port, I would cover the beach and look for driftwood, shells, and stones. Anything to make birdhouses, bird cages, baskets, etc. I would carve whittle, weave, and hammer anything I could get my hand on. I would try to create something, anything! I would take my finish projects to the pubs and sell them.
Needing some time off from the sea, I stayed on land and headed out West. I ended up in a little Norwegian village. The Norwegian people are amazing woodworkers, crafting most everything in the home from wood. Here I learned a lot form many great people, including the Native American Dakota people. I started making all types of furniture and yes, sold my birdhouses in the pubs. I also spent a large amount of time in Chicago. Here I studied Frank Lloyd Wrights work, he was also known as an architect of furniture. Mission furniture design is a particular favorite of mine.
Now is my 50’s and my many working years behind me, I settle back to Michigan. I have close family here in Allegan. I’ve lived in many “Artist communities” in the country. I have always enjoyed the creative imagination surrounding them. I was born and raised under Albert Einstein’s words, “Imagination is more important then knowledge” which to a degree, I believe is still so.

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