Since 1998 the Allegan Area Arts Council mission has been to initiate and stimulate interest and participation in the arts for the Allegan area. To achieve that mission, the AAAC will establish and promote an organization that:

  • grows membership in Allegan County by physically reaching out to support individual artists and artistic organizations
  • attracts a larger audience by promoting all artistic endeavors, including emphasis on music, drama and literature
  • involves its members by bringing them onto committees and including them in volunteer opportunities at events
  • develops procedures for smooth transitions for board members, committees, volunteers and event management.
  • provides opportunities for member-artists to sell their work and instruct others by continually updating the AAAC website
  • improves and expands its scholarship program that serves all county high school band, choral, art and literature students
  • encourages the incorporation of public art through education and interaction with Allegan County governing bodies
  • negotiates with existing facilities in the Allegan area for the use of clean, safe, ADA accessible and properly insured structures to be used by the volunteer network of artists, teachers, individuals, businesses and organizations associated with the AAAC
  • generates operational funds through donations, fund raising activities and grants to insure its financial stability and future

The task of insuring the continued success of this organization, made possible by the hard work and dedication of so many, is a challenge we gladly accept.

The Board of Directors:

Chair  – Judi McCall
Vice Chair – Paula Mintek
Recording Secretary – Alva Morgan
Treasurer – Marsha Behm
Director – Rick Dutkiewicz
Director – Nancy Hascall
Director – Alva Morgan
Director – MaryAnn Adams
Director – Mary Clare Johnson

Standing Committees:
Arts and Education: Alexa Birkam, Sara Haveman, Paula Mintek, Marsha Behm, Judi McCall
Fundraising/Friendraising: Paula Mintek (Chair & Grant-writer)
Finance and Investments: Jim Kauppi, Steve Tibbitts
Membership: Paula Mintek (Chair), Marsha Behm, Rick Dutkiewicz
Publicity / Marketing: Rick Dutkiewicz (Chair), Dina Hestera, Krystal Dutkiewicz

Board Docs Archive (password protected)

Correspondence should be addressed to:
Allegan Area Arts Council, P.O. Box 38, Allegan, MI, 49010
Phone: (269)760-5587
or email info@alleganarts.com